News · 17. December 2017
For over 15 years, Coollink has worked to connect the people of Nigeria with the rest of the world through terrestrial (fibre and wireless) and satellite networks. Before entering the country, Nigeria was underserved by ISPs for years and left in the dark while the rest of Africa and the world continued to increase broadband penetration. Nigeria is a resilient country and wants to grow significantly to compete with other nations. For the economy to grow, Nigerian entrepreneurs and business must

In the Press · 13. November 2017
Ife Ogunfuwa As part of its contribution to achieving the 30 per cent broadband penetration in the country by 2018, Coollink has unveiled a new satellite broadband Internet service. The Chief Executive Officer, Coollink, Shahin Nouri, said the new service, which had been dubbed ‘Asta’, meaning ‘Star’ in Danish, was unique for many reasons. He said, “Asta is a unique product where the KA band broadband is really improved. There is no limit to its penetration because it covers all over Nigeria

In the Press · 08. November 2017

In the Press · 08. November 2017
In response to the growing need of data and internet usage for various purposes including official and family use, Coollink, a Nigerian ISP and system integrator with nationwide presence has launched Asta, a brand new service that is delivering satellite broadband internet to consumers in Nigeria. While unveiling the product in Lagos, the CEO of…

In the Press · 07. November 2017
With key focus on innovation and quality service, recently announced the launch of its new satellite broadband Asta to serve the needs of local consumers while increasing penetration across Nigeria. According to the World Bank, 10 per cent of rise in broadband penetration generates 1.35 per cent increase in the capita GDP.In this light, Chief Executive Officer of Coollink, Mr. Shahin Nouri, said his company has partnered Konnect Africa, a company set up by Eutelsat in 2015, to

In the Press · 06. November 2017, partner of Konnect Africa has launched a brand new service that is delivering satellite broadband internet to consumers in Nigeria. The new service has been dubbed “Asta”, which means “Star” in Danish. While there are other satellite internet services available in Nigeria, Asta stands apart for numerous reasons. According to Abdurrahman Mubi, Senior Technical Manager at Coollink, the service is highly available and specifically tailored to the needs and demands of

News · 01. November 2017, partner of Konnect Africa, Announces Asta Satellite Broadband. Asta is tailored to the needs of local consumers, increasing broadband penetration and offering seamless satellite broadband everywhere.